As an entrepreneur and business owner I find it so difficult to completely unplug and turn off from the world of technology. My computer, phone, and any other electronic device that can connect me to the Internet plays a very important roll in my success. They allow me to follow up with clients, maintain relationships on social media, and manage my website. So I feel like I have to be available at all times in order to never miss out on the next opportunity to better my business.

One thing many people don’t realize is that taking a break from technology and unplugging is actually important for your success. Taking time off allows you to clear your mind and turn your focus to other important things in your life like your family. When you unplug you allow your brain to rest and recharge. This will help you focus in on new opportunities and ideas when you get back to work.

You don’t exist to support your business; your business exists to support you. This is something that is very important that you need to remember when you get too detached from actually living your life. Yes there are days where I work very late at night and have to wake up early the next day but I make a point to NOT do that every night. I think it is very important to eat dinner as a family at the table and spend quality time together talking about each other’s days.

I really try to encourage people to take at least one day to completely unplug and relax. For most people they choose Sunday but it wouldn’t hurt to take the entire weekend to unwind and dedicate it to yourself and your family. Taking two days to focus on something other than your business each week will be very healthy for you mentally and physically and your business will benefit as well.

Try to unwind and take time out of your busy week to unplug and focus on yourself. We tend to forget what life was actually like before technology. There was a time where we lived without it so it is very important to take a couple days and live without it again.


Ronne B

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