Social Media is changing the game for so many brands out there, and it’s being done just by engaging followers. Growing your brand a few years ago was so much harder than it is now. Back then we had to find out what people were searching for on Google and find a way to make our website pop up first on the list. A lot of people had to pay big bucks to have their website featured on the Google suggested sites to drive more traffic their way. Now, people are wording a post just right and getting a million shares and reaching ten million people. And most of it is done free of cost. 

Of course sponsored ads are still popular and they can help you reach a more targeted audience but the key to building your brand and keeping your followers hanging around for the long haul is ENGAGEMENT. So with that being said, here are a few tips that I wanted to share with you to help you boost your brand awareness:

Find Your Audience: Before you start focusing on a particular social platform, find out whether your target audience is on it. You can do this by searching for relevant conversations about your product or industry. For example, my major audience is on Instagram. I have found that my followers engage more with brands like mine on Instagram by searching similar brands and looking for similar hashtags that I use. 

Use Visuals: Once you know where your target audience is, it’s time to grab their attention by using eye-catching visuals with your content. Images and videos play a big role in helping you grow your brand awareness on social media channels. Because they not only increase engagement but also boost social shares.

Create Conversations: Social media is all about building conversations. If you use these social platforms for one-way communication, you’ll only grab so much attention. Instead, talk and listen. Get involved. Showcase your personality by conversing, tagging and mentioning others.

Measure Your Efforts: Use the tracking tools provided by the platforms. This comes with a business account usually and allows you to monitor your engagement. Some platforms will show you how many people you could potentially reach by boosting a post. Utilize the features that come with your platform. 

Build Authority: If you want a higher engagement rate along with better brand awareness, then work on building your authority by sharing real value. Along with borrowed content, your content you post should also have something original, as it adds to your credibility.

Remember, every single step that you take to increase brand awareness with social media will impact the overall growth of your business in the long run.

Ronne B

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