An Entrepreneur’s job is never finished, correct? We’re always looking for the next opportunity to grow our business, and sometimes it’s hard to turn it all off and take a break. My mind is constantly running with new ideas and tasks that will change the direction of my business. What I’ve learned over the years though, is turning it ALL OFF for a few days can make me stronger, smarter, and more efficient for my business. Here are a few ways to unplug and turn it all off to get that R & R that you need. 

Get Rid Of Technology

Phones and laptops are a killer of R & R. Most entrepreneurs use their technology to run their business so if you can’t ditch the technology for a few days, you’re not doing yourself any good. Prepare your team and let them know you will be unavailable for a few days, then lock your phone and laptop away somewhere. Getting away from technology can help you focus on one thing at a time and be more in the moment. This will extend to when you come back from unplugging also, it will help you focus more at work and see each task individually. 

Try Something New

Be adventurous and try something you wouldn’t normally do. Our business tends to hold us back because we don’t want to miss out on anything. BUT if you’ve ditched your technology, then the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to worry about signal, dropping your phone in water, or losing it somewhere. Opening yourself up to new adventures will help your business by allowing yourself to take a second look at something you wouldn’t normally consider. Oh and making those new memories are too bad either. 

Trust Your Team

Your team is essential to your success as an entrepreneur, this is why you hired them, right? You have to be able to trust that your team can take care of things for a few days. This is where schedules and planning are essential. If your team is used to a schedule and has daily tasks that they complete, then you being gone should change nothing. Business should be running like normal when you return. Make sure your team is a group of people who are capable of being independent and responsible if you are gone. 


Ronne B

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