You would think that choosing your purpose first would be a no brainer, right? Well, you’re wrong. Coming from experience, choosing my purpose was something I had to put on hold and I really wish I hadn’t. As I’ve said before, I always knew I wanted to help people but I just didn’t know how I could possibly do that AND secure my finances. I worked at a government job that paid the bills and I pursued my passion and purpose on the side. If only I had chosen my purpose first, I could have landed where I am today a whole lot sooner. I just needed a little faith and the belief that I could make it happen.

When you are passionate about something you tend to work harder to make it work. You think outside the box more because you have something else driving you other than money. That’s why choosing your purpose first is so important. If you’re struggling with finding just what your purpose is, I want to help you. Here are some unexpected ways to find it:

1. Get More Action

You can’t think your way into finding your life purpose; you have to do your way into it. The more we act, the more we get clear on things. So instead of overthinking it — Will this work out? Should I try that? What if I don’t like it? What if I don’t make money at it? Start taking steps toward your goals and start trying new things. This will help you get out of your own way. You may be like me and know what your end purpose is, but you don’t know how to get there. That’s what makes “doing” so much more important.

2. Drop From Your Head to Your Heart

Your heart is your best tool to access your true purpose and passion. Ask yourself what you love? Start taking steps to do what you love. When you are inspired and connected to your happy self, inspiration floods your heart and soul. When you lead from your heart, you are naturally more joyful and motivated to explore. By doing what you love, you will be inspired and gain insights into what brings you the most joy.

3. Break Up with The “ONE”
Many of us struggle because we try to find that ONE thing that we are meant to do; but trying to find only one thing is the reason why we feel like something is missing. The notion that we have only one thing we are meant for limits us from fulfilling our greatness. Take my journey for example. I have been helping people for a long time but I have done multiple different things to make that happen. I still am. And maybe that is what is holding you back from finding your true purpose, you are too focused on one thing when your breakthrough could lie within something you have continually passed up.


Ronne B

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