Patience is a virtue, Rome wasn’t built in a day, all good things take time. We’ve all been told this, probably multiple times over the years, and coincidentally rolled our eyes at the thought. BUT the reality behind these meanings is true, especially when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong, hustling, sleepless nights, and risks come also, but being impatient is something that could potentially harm your business and here’s why:

Avoid “Ready, Fire, Aim” Syndrome

It’s easy to jump the gun when you’re an entrepreneur. We want to discover the next big thing so we try to stay one step ahead of everyone else. This does seem to be the motto that entrepreneurs hold, but in all honesty, jumping the gun can cause you to overlook critical details, implications, or opportunities. This results in wasted time and essentially, loss of money. 

Impatience Is Self Sabotage 

When you jump to a hasty conclusion, you end up creating an artificial timeline in your mind. When people or processes fail to align to that timeline, the mind can run wild.

You begin to question the motives and intentions of the people on the other side of the equation and put forth ultimatums that may or may not be considered reasonable. This often leads to two unfortunate outcomes.

First, impatience makes you look desperate. Pushing a people too aggressively or issuing unreasonable ultimatums is extremely off putting. In my experience, I’ve found that such actions come across as a major red flag. More often than not, it kills the deal.

Second, and possibly most important, this kind of impatience is the ultimate self-sabotage. It clouds the judgement, detracts from your credibility, and damages relationships.

All Good Things Take Time

One thing I’m sure of in this world is that nothing of value comes easily.  In fact, anything of value takes time, whether it’s a matter of developing a skill, building a relationship, or launching a business initiative.

Although entrepreneurs like to simplify matters as much as possible, the truth is that the world is a complex place, full of nuance. Just look at how far I’ve come in the last ten years. My current business did not grow overnight. I had to do trial and error to make it to where I am today and I definitely needed a lot of patience to do it. 


Ronne B

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