We talk a lot about what we are or aren’t “called” do to, but when’s the last time you truly sought the Lord about your calling?

This is something that I have battled with for years. I know my passion and calling is to help women but the hard part is finding exactly how I need to accomplish this. I continually pray and allow God to speak to me about what he knows is best. I have done many different things to help women over the years and quite possibly this was his plan all along in order to reach as many women as possible. I may be right where he wants me to be, and I may still be on my journey there. 

The best way I know how to define calling is where our God given gifts and our burning passions meet. It’s where we become fully alive and awake to what God put us here to do.

Do I feel completely confident today in what God has called me to do? No way! Most days, I wake up scared and intimidated, but I get into God’s Word and realize that the strength doesn’t have to come from me, I just have to be a willing vessel to be used.

God has a plan for each of us and we have to be willing to listen to what he is telling us in order to get there. I know it can be hard to trust what you think you might be hearing but it’s important. Here are a few things I remind myself of when I am struggling with finding just what God is calling me to do next. 

  •  Pray and ask God to reveal and clarify your calling.
  •  Your calling won’t look exactly like anyone else’s, we were all uniquely created for a purpose.
  •  Know yourself; what are you passionate about?
  •  Listen to the wise men and women in your life who know you; are they affirming where you feel like God is leading?
  •  Ask for feedback; know your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to receive criticism.
  •  Fully surrender; hands open, whatever it looks like, wherever He may lead you to go.

I am so grateful that I have been given the passion to help women change their lives for the better and I have had the opportunity to touch the lives of women who are struggling. I shared a lot of my story in my last blog and on my recent Ted Talk appearance, so my passion stems from my past and I have a determination to help others change their futures like I changed mine. The only way this is possible is through prayer and listening to God and there is no greater gift than being able to walk in your purpose. 

Ronne B

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