As a network marketer, following up is a key tool that I use in order to gain new customers and business partners. You can’t expect people to purchase your product or do business with you on the first meeting. Sometimes you will luck out and this will happen but you should always be prepared to follow up with people.

When I say follow up, I don’t mean harass someone after they leave your meeting. Don’t call them the next day or text them over and over about your business. A nice follow up occurs about a week after the original meeting about whatever you were proposing to them.

My personal preference for the first follow up is to give them a phone call. Talking to people on the phone is second best to in person and they are more likely to make the decision to do business with you if you are speaking directly to them. A phone call is much more personal also and for the first follow up I believe it is important to be personal. You can start the conversation out with something else that you all talked about at the meeting other than business. This will help to establish a relationship with them and they will feel more comfortable talking to you.

Once you have done your initial phone call follow up, I highly encourage an additional email or letter follow up. Email is faster and free so most people turn to this for their second form of follow up. The second follow up should be several weeks after the first follow up. If they have not contacted you after your phone conversation then you want to let things rest for a while before speaking with them again so you don’t overwhelm them. The follow up email could be a quick letter checking in with a flyer attached,  and nothing that will require them to reply back.

Once you have done your two follow ups with someone, and they have still not done business with you, you want to wait quite a while before contacting them again. This will give them space to think and really consider their options. Move on to the next and keep this person in your logs for future contact.

More than likely if someone is ready to do business with you they will make a move after the first follow up. Some people need a little more convincing so the second follow up is a great way to grab those indecisive people. You want to make sure you keep track of when you followed up with each person you speak to so you don’t forget to follow up or call someone twice.

Following up has always been a method that anyone in sales or network marketing has used. It is proven to be successful if done the right way. Never harass someone for their business, this will only steer them away further. Be patient and the business will come when your customers are ready.

Ronne B

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