Throughout my life, I have endeavored to be a leader who inspires development and growth in others. I often say “better together,” because I know none of us can get any assignment accomplished alone. I need every one of my team members, besides, we know that teamwork makes the dream work.

I didn’t begin knowing how to lead others perfectly. I had to grow and develop my leadership skills. I had to learn how to communicate effectively and forge a direction so everyone was wholeheartedly on board and unified as we moved forward. I had to learn how to speak in a way that accelerated the comradery of my team and the pace of our mission. I had to learn to speak faith-filled words to my business partners and volunteers I led and to the ones who led me.

That’s right. It’s just as important to speak faith-filled leadership to those under your supervision as it is to express it to those to whom you report. It’s a language full of answers and solutions, of creative problem-solving and initiative, that moves everyone forward. One of the great examples of faith-filled leadership demonstrated in the Bible occurred when Moses pulled together a scouting mission for the Promised Land. It was a critical assignment that would affect the lives of three million people. He had to opt for the most qualified in the nation. So Moses thoughtfully selected 12 leaders one from each of the 12 tribes of Israel to go and explore the land.

They were proven. Experienced. Highly skilled. Trustworthy. Esteemed by the millions of people they helped lead. Regarded by those who led them.

Despite their training, their leadership principles were still a choice. And so are yours. Every day you lead everywhere you manage your family, friends, team, staff, corporation, community, and church. As you do, God wants you leading with a different spirit instilling faith in everyone you inspire with your life and with your words.

When others aren’t confident they can build a new department or design a new venture, you can be the leader who inspires their faith, believes in them and charges them with “Yes, you can!” Lead with a different spirit. Speak the positive and infuse courage. Always have a good report. Believe the possibilities and mention them first. Recognize the reality of “better together.”

Ronne B

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