It can be hard to listen to others talk about how they have found their purpose in life when you aren’t quite sure what your purpose is yet. It can be really frustrating because you can see a faint vision and have some sort of an idea but the light bulb hasn’t turned on yet. I’ve been there and I totally get it.

For years I was searching for my purpose and trying to figure out just what I was meant to do in life. I knew that I wanted to help people in some way but I just didn’t know what direction was right for me. I had a strong relationship with God so I knew that I just needed to be patient and eventually he would lead me in the direction that I needed to go.

After several years and different business excursions, I was finally able to find my purpose. Like I said before, it had always been there, but the timing wasn’t quite right for it to take off.

High Heels High Goals had originated years prior to its actual launch date but it was just a small Facebook group that didn’t get the attention it needed. This time around I knew how I needed to promote this organization and knew the purpose it was going to serve in the community and for women all around the world.

I wanted to create an organization that women could become a part of to share their experiences and struggles with each other in order to grow as an entrepreneur/businesswoman and a person. I wanted to be able to help under privileged women pursue their dreams and I wanted to make a difference in all of our followers lives.

This dream took time and patience but by trusting God, I never lost faith and I knew that things would take off when they were meant to. Now High Heels High Goals has expanded and grown our member group along with awarding grants to women who needed the extra boost to follow their dreams.

No matter what your dream or purpose is, it is important to be patient and trust that your time WILL come. Have faith that God will provide the perfect timing for you and at the right time you will flourish and your purpose will be fulfilled.


Ronne B

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