It can be frustrating listening to a talk or message on God’s great purpose and dream for our lives when we feel confused as to what our purpose even is. We may have a faint vision of what we want to be, but nothing in our life, not even our own skill set is ready for it yet. Perhaps you can relate to my story.

As Single Mom is 3, raised in a crack house growing up in the Ghetto was just the beginning of a life that could have destroyed me. Thinking to myself who in the world would want my 3 kids and life that was not perfect. Trying to make ends meat just to survive. Running my candle business from home and vending tables so exhausted with my kids right beside me. Not even knowing where my next meal would come from and struggling to pay my rent 3 month’s past due. However passion and fire set in and I was not going to give up. I knew God was with me and for me but it was hard.

One day, I had an “aha” moment when I saw all my life events, strengths, passions, and interests flash across my mind. And I felt a longing to inspire women in the same way God had inspired me.

God had finally revealed to me that my calling was to combine my love of performing and communicating with my love for God and women. I agreed in my heart.

Now what?

I comprised a plan of how I was going to succeed and start my Non Profit. I felt so discouraged and confused. I knew what my purpose was, but now I needed to do it! Why couldn’t I?

Can you relate? Do you feel like you know what you were made for, do you have that desire, but you feel like you don’t knowwhere to begin? And even when you do, it feels like there is resistance?

In my despair, One day I read a devotional. It talked about seasons, specifically seasons of preparation. I had never heard of that before. There are seasons where we have to go “under-cover” so God can grow us, teach us, prune us, and prepare us for the next step. He loves us too much to let us launch too quickly into something we aren’t ready for.

We may think we are ready, but God knows best. Of course, we will never fully “arrive” until the day we meet Jesus, but there are certain things that needs to be in place before God graduates us from the training ground.

God says that He will “hide us in the shadow of His wings” to protect us. He may be hiding you right now, just like a flower hides in the winter for protection so it can bloom again in the spring.

It is crucial for our success and well-being to understand there are different seasons we go through. The book of Ecclesiastes says there is a “time for everything under the sun.” You may be in a season of preparation right now. If not, there will be a time that you go into one.

God couldn’t launch me into my calling until my character was refined to match the task. I still had a lot of preparing to do, not only on my character, but in my knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

God took me into a long season of studying the Word, journaling, reading Christian books, and doing Bible studies with wiser women. In what ways do you need to grow? What things can you do now to prepare you for what you want to step into later?

As a daughter and son of the King, you have the desire for meaning and purpose. You were made for it. You may get down on yourself because you don’t feel the peace to move on it yet, but that is because you are probably in a season of preparation. Give yourself grace and be willing to open your eyes to see the areas in your life God wants to grow you.

Be aware of what season you are in and give yourself the grace to be there. Pay attention to what God wants to do, and partner with Him in it. The more in tune you are with how God works, and what He is doing, the more quickly you will be able to get in step with Him in peace.

You are right where God wants you and be thankful for it. It will get better.


Ronne B.

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