Happy Memorial Day!! Today I wanted to remind everyone exactly what this day is about. It’s not about cookouts and having the day off. It’s about remembering and honoring those men and women who have served and died for our freedom.

I just recently watched a movie regarding the incident that happened in Libya in 2012 and it really opened my eyes about how much our soldiers sacrifice when they leave to go over seas. Not only are they sacrificing, but their families are as well. I can only imagine the fear that comes with fighting for our country, and the fear and worry that our soldier’s families face everyday. Their safe return is not guaranteed and we need to realize that.

Memorial Day is a day for people to recognize just how much our fallen soldiers have sacrificed. It’s a day to think about their families and the pain they have gone through since losing their loved one. It’s a day where we need to be thankful for their service and thankful that they were willing to put their life on the line for millions of people they didn’t even know.We need to teach our children the importance of this day and why we need to acknowledge the service of those who have died for us. It is important that this day continues to be celebrated for the right reasons.

I want you to take time out of your day to remember just what Memorial Day is really about. Celebrate your freedom and celebrate the lives of those who have died defending our country. Pray for their families and pray for peace so we can bring more soldiers back home to their families safe and sound.


Ronne B

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