Starting your own business takes swagger. You’ve got to be confident enough to believe that your idea is worth pursuing and that you’ve got something other people want to pay for. And at the beginning, it’s often just you. Marketing the product, figuring out shipping costs, creating an online community, filling orders, frantically calling the rep from the hosting company when your website randomly disappears… it’s you. Relying on your smarts, savvy, and strength to make this thing happen. But are you really all alone?

Even if he’s not given co-founder status on your about page, you’ve got a partner. A buddy who stays up with you when you’re burning the midnight oil. A shoulder to cry on when all the text from that email you’ve been crafting decides to vanish.

Here’s three ways you can embrace that partnership and treat Jesus as your co-founder:

Invite Him to all your meetings

It’s amazing what can happen when everyone comes to the table. When the marketing team is seated next to the product management group, great new ideas can spark. Problems that didn’t exist yet can be discovered, headed off and solved. Decisions can be made quickly and easily. So be sure that you have a place for the maker of all things at that meeting table. Invite him in (either out loud with prayer or silently in your heart) and watch him work wonders.

Give Him a raise

One of the easiest ways to keep Jesus at the center of your business is to pay him. When you know that a certain percentage of your profit is being given to an important cause and directly serving his children, you focus a little better on that bottom line. Not only is your business supporting you and your family, but it’s supporting others.

Allow Him to Lead

When you’re ready to take the next step in your business, whether that’s hiring your first team member or expanding to another country, be sure you’ve had plenty of conversations with your co-founder. And not just the one-way type. You need to listen to him, wait for his response, and ensure that he’s on board. If this means holding off on that decision until he’s made himself clear, do it. The consequences of doing otherwise are severe. He’s the one that supplies the vision and direction. Let him lead.

Give him his rightful place as co-founder. He’ll never make you regret it.


Ronne B.

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