Yesterday I celebrated my Birthday with Family and Friends. It was the best day yet. As I sat at the table with 15 of my friends who came out to dinner with me I had to pause; I looked around and tears began to fill my eyes. As people were telling funny stories and memories of the times we had I realized that I was more than blessed. God sent me an amzing husband and kids but He also sent me some amazing friends. These people, most of whom were women, who were all sitting around laughing came from different parts of the world, different ethnic backrounds and they all played a huge part in my journey.

Let’s talk about friendship as women!

As women, many of us spend our early lives thinking about marriage and hoping to find Mr. Right. Then we realize our husbands don’t necessarily want to hear all about the best waterproof mascara or cry with us over the kid who’s failing math or eat cookie dough straight from the bowl. That’s why God gives us our girlfriends.

Beyond common interests, affection and a sense of humor — the aim of friendship is to sow into each other words of eternal life and blessing. We remind each other of God’s wisdom and provision, refresh each other’s spirit and strengthen each other’s faith.

Good friendships require walking with one another down some hard roads, losses, a bad diagnosis, financial problems and much more. We need friends to help us remember what God has done for us and that He will be faithful.

In 2 Samuel 1:26b, David says of Jonathan, ” … Your friendship was a miracle-wonder, love far exceeding anything I’ve known — or ever hope to know,” (MSG). That’s ultimately what God gives us in friendship: a real life, everyday miracle in the form of another person. But having your soul knitted to another isn’t for the faint of heart.

It means you bear your own hurts along with those of your friend. You cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh and feel like your heart will break wide open when you face not having them by your side.

But it’s worth it because they cause you to love harder, laugh louder, live richer and become more than you could ever be without them. It’s putting your heart and your name in the hands of another person and saying, “I trust you with all of this,” as they do the same.

So today I pray that you share what most people avoid, true freindship! Not by the worlds definition but by Gods.

Ronne B

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