Do you find yourself bored, unmotivated, or unchallenged in your business? Have you lost interest in trying? Do you struggle with creating new ideas? Do you have a hard time keeping up with your colleagues? Any of these may be a sign that you are in a rut.

The terrible thing is that being in a rut will really cause your business to struggle. Remember, your business cannot run itself. You have to continually focus on what you need to do in order to grow your business more. Do not get comfortable.

One of the most important things to do when trying to stay out of a rut is writing your goals down. It’s best to frequently update your goals so you always have something to work forward too. Statistics show that if you write your goals down rather than keeping them in your head, you are more likely to achieve those goals. I think it’s best to make several goals inside of your large goal. You don’t want to have just one 5-year goal because it will seem so far off and harder for you to achieve.

The second important factor in staying out of a rut is don’t rush your goals. Take your time so you can be sure to do everything right. And reward yourself when you reach a goal. Regroup after that goal and try to keep things interesting. Change up the way you do things. This will keep your mind active and thinking.

Don’t allow yourself to get bored with your business and avoid a rut if at all possible!! Sometimes you cannot avoid it but you most certainly can get out of it if you take the right measures. You know your full potential, so if you are not reaching it, you should change something. Don’t hold yourself back from greatness!!


Ronne B

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