Branding is something that is essential to your success. You don’t want to blend in with everyone else; your goal is to stand out. Standing out can be hard when there are so many options and idea flowing through your head. SO here are a few tips to help you identify yourself and make your brand stand out:

Find your niche. What makes you special? Why would someone choose you above others with a similar skill set? Although it might seem intimidating, remember we are all unique individuals and we all have something interesting and different to offer our clients; you just have to identify it. Look at your competitors and see what you have in common.  What similar skills, qualifications and characteristics do you possess? What different skills can you offer? Make a list.

Define yourself and your audience. What do you have to offer, and to whom you’d like to offer it? Try not to confine yourself simply to a job description: You are the consolidation of all the jobs and experiences you’ve ever had, so your worth goes far beyond what you think. Once you feel good about your statement, incorporate it into your business. You may also want to consider a personal logo if it is commonplace in your industry.

Tackle the Internet and social media. Google yourself. What comes up? Make sure you are consistently presenting your statement across all of your social media networks and on all websites where you’re represented. If there’s information out there that doesn’t benefit you, go to the source and ask for it to be removed, or generate new, positive information about yourself in the form of blog posts, newspaper articles, newsletters, etc.

Adapt, adapt, adapt. The personal branding statement that you write today and the personal brand that you create tomorrow are by no means static. They will likely change over the years, and sometimes even from week to week, depending on what new skills you learn and what jobs you tackle. Make it a habit to regularly update your statement and collateral materials so that you’ll stay current. Also make it a priority to take on new projects and assignments that you think might enrich your personal brand as a whole.

Be real. The one thing that too many people forget when it comes to personal branding is the person part. Unlike large corporate entities, we are people with thoughts, emotions and feelings, and it is very important to remember that the way you engage on a personal level with others makes a lasting impression. Whatever your personal statement, try to live it rather than just write it down on paper, and work hard to include an element of compassion: Volunteer, mentor a new employee at work, donate time or goods to a community project. Do things out of kindness, not self-involvement, and these, too, will become an integral part of your personal brand that will pay off in the most important way possible: In the way you feel about yourself.


Ronne B

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