Hearing the word no, is something every business owner hates hearing. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable; you will hear “no”, and you will hear it more than once. BUT rather than being upset about it, think about what you can do to improve your business to hear “no” less.

Create Relationships.

This is one of the most important things you can do when looking for potential customers.  We live in a world where trust is established over a period of time. So it’s so important to remember this when trying to attract new customers. You don’t want to be like the annoying kiosk people in the mall chasing customers down just to get a hand to the face. You want to strike up conversation, post blogs about your daily life, share pictures of yourself, etc. This will allow your potential customer to get to know you and THAT builds trust.

Expand to a New Market.

Have you ever thought that maybe your potential client base is generally the same? If you are consistently getting a no answer from people, you need to evaluate the people you are approaching.  Depending on what product or service you provide, you need to think about when and whom the product could benefit most. If your product can improve someone’s life financially and it can help them lose weight, target mothers during the holiday season, and college students during spring break.

Create Incentives.

Limited time offers, bonuses, discounts, etc are all perfect ways to attract those customers that are either still on the fence about buying, or who can’t pass up a sale!


Keep in contact with your potential customers every way possible. If you ONLY send out emails to your potential clients, change it up. Call them, do video chats, schedule meetings. If a customer says “no” but willingly gives you their phone number or email address, that is 100% an open invitation to contact them at a later date!! Do not just throw away information like that. If they told you “no” in person, but you have their email address and phone number, send them an email a week after they said no, and if they don’t respond to the email, call them a week after that. Some people don’t like to do business in person, and some do. By contacting them in every way possible, you will allow them to say yes when it makes them most comfortable.


Ronne B




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