I’m learning progress doesn’t show up overnight. Progress looks like learning to mince garlic and sub out sour cream for greek yogurt. Progress looks like those peanut butter energy balls you pinned last week turning crumbly and inconsistent. Progress looks like mornings where you don’t feel like getting to the workout class because you’re already imagining 55 minutes of torture.

Here are 4 things to Remember about progress:

1. It’s slow.

And that’s okay! The culture we live in so many want it to be a big microwave when it comes to things happening “instantly” and in “5 easy steps.” It’s hard to even graze through a Women’s Health Magazine because everything is supposed to happen for you in 2 weeks or less. Sometimes progress is slow and we can trust that God is building out things— more eternal things— in the monotony of daily steps. Enjoy the road you’re on. Don’t give up on mile 1.

2. You’re not alone.

Surrounding yourself with other people who can build you up and make you stronger is key. Accountability is key when it comes to making progress and challenging yourself. You need people to go long and hard towards something you want.

3. Writing it down helps.

I have started keeping notes of my progress since this year. I don’t do it everyday. It doesn’t always have to be notes on what I ate or how I performed in my business. When you take note of your progress, it is easier to identify the results. Results will keep you moving.

4. It’s a lifestyle change (and that takes time).

My initial motivation to get healthy was so that I didn’t feel overly insecure sitting in a bathing suit on a beach in Jamaica that we and my husband go to every year. That was the spark but that quickly fell into the background when I realized I wanted this thing to last. I had to find something more to anchor myself into progress if I wanted this to be a lifestyle shift, not a 50-day goal.

As 2017 draws closer, my prayer for you is that you bring God into your goals and the process. He will meet you there. The first mile means you’re starting. You’re beginning. Something is about to change. It’s going to be so good.

Ronne B

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