The New Year is in full swing and that usually comes with new commitments or resolutions. Some of those resolutions stick and some become a good attempt at trying to change. If you were to keep just one resolution I highly recommend it be writing down your goals for the year. There are many benefits to writing down your goals, and I personally have seen a dramatic difference in what I actually accomplish when I have it written down.

Find a journal or notebook and dedicate it strictly for writing down your goals. This will give you a designated place for writing and reflecting on what you have accomplished so far.

Having something on paper creates your vision for what you see yourself doing. It gives you a guideline to go off of when you lose track or feel in a slump. Writing down your vision is the fun part of documenting your goals. You get to dream. What do you really want to create for yourself? What does your ideal life look like? Don’t be afraid to think big. Take fifteen minutes and document your vision. Take note of the details. What does your day look like? Where are you living? Try to incorporate all senses in your vision to make it most effective.

After you write down your vision, try to break it down into goals. Some of those goals might not be achievable right away but it’s good to have it set out. Create a timeline of when you want to achieve these goals and this will start your framework for getting busy in the New Year. One thing I want to suggest when creating your goals, don’t set yourself up for failure. It is great to dream big but there are things that sometimes need to happen before certain goals can be met. Allow yourself achievable goals and work up to the bigger ones. I’m not saying there are goals that are unachievable but there are goals that take longer than others to be reached.

As your year starts pressing on, make sure you celebrate the goals you have achieved. This is the best part of keeping track of your goals and overall vision. You get an excuse to reward yourself or take some time off. Or it gives you the right to brag a little bit on yourself. Not a lot of people take the time to write down their goals so you gain those bragging rights when you show how disciplined you’ve been with your future.

From now on, choose to write your goals down and keep track of your achievements. It creates a pathway for your future and allows you to dream big!!


Ronne B

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