As a very busy entrepreneur, I understand that finding time to do extra things that can improve your business can be hard. At times I feel like my scheduled is booked so full that there’s no way I can take a couple of hours out of my day for self-improvement but less eat lunch!! What I have started to discover though, is when I DO find time to attend seminars and conferences, I leave feeling rejuvenated, motivated, and empowered. No I might not be able to attend every seminar that I want but I do make time to attend several per year because I ALWAYS see improvement after I get home.  Here is why you should consider attending as many seminars as you can:

Learning something. No matter what the seminar is on you are bound to learn something new. Every little grain of information you go home with can be helpful to you either personally or professionally. Even if you attend the seminar and learn one important piece of information that you can put into action in your business it will be worth it.

Network. A seminar is a great place to network with others. You will have the chance to meet others in decision-making positions, which may be beneficial to gaining their business later on. Be sure to take plenty of business cards with you, and use them. Also, be prepared to gather cards, and try to personally meet each of the people, so that you can reference that exchange when you do a follow-up once you get back home.

Motivation. If you are stuck in a rut, attending a seminar may be the perfect way to get you motivated to move forward. Many people leave seminars feeling inspired and ready to take on new challenges.

Mental break. Getting a break from your business may just be what you need. By attending a seminar you will be getting to take a break from the day-to-day happenings in your life. This can allow you to focus on “me” time and brainstorm, which is something that is hard to do when you have your own business.



Ronne B

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