Not everyone is partnership material and you have to take this into account when searching for new people to partner with. You have to do what is best for you AND your business. Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a business partner.

Observe Their Timing:

If your potential business partner is always late or missing important deadlines, they might not be the best person to partner with. It’s important to be punctual when you own a business. You never know when an opportunity might arise so it’s always important to have a partner that is timely and ready to work.

Pay Attention To Their Work Habits:

Take into consideration your potential business partner’s current work ethic. If they don’t take their job seriously, or if they seem to have a negative outlook on work, they might not be the best partner. YOU know what you will expect out of them. More than likely, if they don’t commit and do their best at their current job, they won’t be working very hard with you either.

Watch Their Communication Habits:

Have you noticed how they communicate with people? I know that in my current business communication is KEY. If my potential business partner is terrible with communicating with other people and they don’t put forth any effort to better themselves, I will not be interested in partnering with them.  You don’t want them to drive your customers away.

Take Note Of Their Group Behavior/Inner Circle:

It’s very important to notice the type of people who your potential business partner hangs around. Remember, people tend to act and have the same values as the people they involve themselves with most. If you don’t like the type of people who your potential partner hangs around, then you probably won’t like them either.



Ronne B


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