To do our jobs properly, we must do them completely. We must learn to take pride in a job well done. Sometimes your pride is all you end up with so it’s important to do the best we possibly can.  If we stick to shortcuts we can never progress

What’s the problem with cutting corners? Take a piece of paper. Look at its four corners. If you cut one corner, you end up creating a whole new corner. So rather than cutting one off, you added one to your piece.

The more corners you cut, the more work piles up. Taking shortcuts and cutting corners is not good for your character, either. You become impatient to reach the top, and are arrogant beyond criticism. This greedy rush towards success can only result in an eventual crash and burn. This is usually what separates the truly successful people from the failures. Even bright, intelligent and highly educated people begin with shortcuts. Later on, they lie, cheat and manipulate their way towards the top. They use people and do anything in order to advance their careers. They cut corners and make shortcuts. And then the crash comes. It’s inevitable, and I like to think of it as karma partially in the works. If someone is manipulating and hurting other to get to the top, eventually it will come back and bite them.

There is no shortcut to success. Not everyone can win the jackpot, and even if you do, it’s no guarantee you won’t live a miserable life. Possessing the money that you neither earned nor worked hard for can ever give you meaning and fulfillment. Do your work and do it thoroughly.

Forget shortcuts and cutting corners. Go with the slow but sure way, and strengthen your character because it will be of much more value than the money you receive. Remember, the easy way may not always be the right way.



Ronne B

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