Are you a business owner who is tying to build their audience by driving traffic to your website? Me too!! There are many ways to increase traffic to your website but the most common and inexpensive way is by blogging. Think about it, who doesn’t like to read a short article about something that interests them? I am in the network marketing business and I love reading articles that pertain to my profession. Only good things can come from educating yourself on your particular field of work. Blogging has really helped me increase the number of people who visit my website and here is why:

Provide interesting content. If you’re writing a blog for customers, you’re likely to share some of the same interests they have. Plan your blog around a topic that you know a lot about and that your customers would like to read about — ideally one that relates to your business.

Post regularly.The best way to keep people coming back to your Web site is to offer them new content every time they return. Add a new post one to three times a week, and you’ll develop a steady stream of traffic.

Interact with customers and respond to their questions and posts. Remember that a blog is designed for your readers. They’re visiting to read your thoughts and post theirs. This is your chance to directly interact with customers and find out what they think.

All three of the above tips will help drive business to your website. When readers come to read your blog and become interested in what you have to say, they will eventually browse the rest of your website. This will lead to sales and more communication among your potential customers.

Make sure you focus on your tags and your SEO (search engine optimization). Don’t use random tags that don’t pertain to your business, this will only confuse the search engines when someone searches for an article that relates to your blog. Also make sure you stay consistent with your tags, this is what will build your SEO and push your blog to the top search results. If you blog consistently about network marketing then use the tag “network marketing,” don’t use a random word that isn’t going to be searched.

By posting a blog regularly, you will notice more people will want to read on a consistent basis and that will build your email list. Make sure you offer an area where people can subscribe to your blog because this will allow you to create your email list and ultimately give you a new group of people to advertise and promote to.

Start blogging and see how much your traffic increases after a month of regularly posting about things that your customer base is interested in. Your results will be fantastic!!


Ronne B

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