There comes a time when your business may need to spend less time on the repetitive tasks that are done everyday on a schedule and more time on bigger picture tasks. It can seem like a burden but it’s actually a good thing if this occurs. This means your business is growing and you may need to look into automation.

I have been using automation for a few years now with my business and let me tell you, I never realized just how much time was being dedicated to the smaller, more menial tasks.

Now, I don’t want you to think that these “menial” tasks are able to be pushed to the back and forgotten. These tasks, as easy as they may be, are a crucial part of your business. Remember, they were what helped you grow your business to where it is today, so automating those tasks are the next step. Here is why automation is so important for your business function:

Automation tools improve your organization immensely. It allows you to have a system worked out where you can have all of your information in one central place for that specific task. For example, if you want to send an email to every person who offers their information on your website, you can automatically set up an email to be sent out to them after they submit their form. Or, if you like to contact your followers once a day through a texting system, you can schedule an inspirational quote to go out at the same time everyday.

Another huge benefit to automating your business is allowing your employees to focus on bigger tasks. Sending a text or email doesn’t take a lot of time, but as your business grows, the amount of people signing up to receive your emails will grow as well. One email an hour could eventually turn into 20 emails an hour and more. Then, before you know it, your employee is dedicating their entire day just to sending emails that could be automatically sent.

Moving your business to automation will save you money in the long run. Some automation services can seem expensive but it’s important to do the math. Remember when I said your employee may eventually end up spending their days sending emails? Think of how much you pay that person a month, then look up the monthly cost of an automation service. Now wouldn’t you rather pay your employee to focus on much bigger tasks that require more brain work and knowledge to help your business succeed? The answer is pretty clear to me.

It’s time to face the facts, needing more help and organization means you are making the necessary moves to allow your business to gain momentum. Utilize the intelligence of your employees and enable them to focus on the tasks that are going to make you the most money. Leave the easy tasks to technology. You’ll thank me later.


Ronne B

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