Some days life throws you some very interesting curve balls that almost knock you off your feet. You wonder how you even got to this fork in the road in your life. Some decisions seem black and white and easy to make; they measure up with your values and your beliefs—slam dunk right? However, other decisions are a bit grey and not so easy.

You see, I have come to realize that there is wisdom in knowing when a season has ended in order to make a way to move forward in the new one. In the last couple of months I had a friend  to walk away from relationships and business ventures that no longer brought them joy or peace.

Here are some examples of things that we all should quit:

1Judging yourself for seeing and believing things differently than the world around you sees it.

2Staying connected to projects or initiatives that no longer fit your life or season.

3Feeling guilty for saying “no” to folks that wanted to control your life and mind. Saying no to good things opens up your availability to saying yes to great things!

4Judging yourself for not being in your career or business where others are at this time. Your pace is fine for you and your current situation. To me, as long as I am moving forward my speed is not the priority.

5Caring so much what others think about you and your decisions—focus more on what God thinks of you and your choices; after all you are allowing Him to direct your steps.

6Worrying about how small your inner circle of friends is and being okay with quality rather than quantity.

You see, I am a quitter and in quitting these things I have found peace in becoming the woman God wants me to be.

You can be a quitter and be at peace too! Some things have an expiration date on them for a reason, they weren’t meant to last a lifetime and other things you do are for eternity. Know the difference and be at peace with your decision.

Quit the good for the better.

Are you trying to do everything, be everything and succeed at it all? What can you put aside and quit so that you can do what you are called to do better?

Ronne B

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