Our culture is entrenched with lies around beauty and self-worth. We see an ad with a woman in a beautiful dress and immediately associate the attention she receives with value. She’s the epitome of beauty, of womanhood. The jewels, the fine lace, and the rich lipstick send a message of grace, dignity, and poise. She must be gracious and kind. She must be a woman of virtue. That’s what her clothing says about her.

Yet more often than not, the inside of us is rotting away while we devote all our time and attention toward our outward beauty. While we seek the apparent satisfaction of being the fairest of them all, we nurture the idols in our heart that distort our true beauty. While we seek momentary and fleeting attention from others, our priorities are skewed and our humility and gentility are replaced with envy and jealousy.

We make a good gift the ultimate gift. And we tell God He didn’t do a good job when He created us.

But wait… Isn’t it a bit ironic to be hearing all this from an image consultant? After all, isn’t the entire stylist thing about helping women feel beautiful? To empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin? Yes it is. But it comes with a message.

Your clothing isn’t your identity. It represents a part of your identity, but it won’t give you value or worth. Though the clothing you wear sends a strong message about who you are, it cannot cover or mask the true you. While you’re busy creating a version of yourself in the clothing you wear, the true you, the heart and soul of who you are, will fade if neglected.

This part of you, your true self, is made beautiful through a relationship with Jesus. An identity that doesn’t base worth or beauty on outward appearance, but on the precious and priceless heart of your inward person. With the gift of His Spirit living inside of you, you are becoming more and more beautiful everyday.

When you get dressed in the morning, enjoy the confidence you feel in a well-designed wardrobe, but remember Who gives you true confidence…a confidence that isn’t dependent on how you look. True beauty lies within, and that beauty is imperishable.

Dig deep—how do you feel about your external appearance? If you immediately bristle up, it’s time to have a long talk with God. He’s the one that made you and loves you, regardless of what the mirror throws back at you. How can you step more into God’s view of you?


Ronne B

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