Think about the reason you started your own business. Or if you don’t have your own business, think of why you would want one. Is it because you can virtually make your own hours, or because you want to make more money than you do at your 9 to 5 job, or could it be a greater reason like you want to help improve other people’s lives?

I think many people go into business for themselves just for the simple fact to make a lot of money. There has to be a bigger driver or motivation for your business. It can’t just be about the money. The phrase “money can’t buy you happiness” is so very true and more people need to consider that when they are thinking about why they want to start their own business.

I want you to think about something: come up with a product or business that you are familiar with and tell me if money is the main driver for that business. Let me give you an example: TOMS shoes, what is the meaning behind TOMS? The meaning is to help other children and people in need by providing them with a pair of shoes every time they sell one. Money was not the reason for starting that business, helping people and bettering the lives of others was the idea and the money followed.

You might wonder why I have brought this to your attention; well it’s very simple actually. Like I said before, you have to have a true meaning to your business. You might wonder why I started my business and there are several reasons. I wanted a better life for my family, friends, and everyone who joined me along the way. I also wanted to be an example for women who are struggling. I know how hard it can be to juggle school, kids, work, a side business, money, bills, etc. Of course I wanted to start my business to financially help my family, but the main reason was to be leader and mentor; a mentor for my children and a leader for my team.

I have helped many women start their businesses and achieve a better life for their families and I find so much joy in helping them. That is what my personal business goal was. I truly believe that if you help and encourage those around you, you will prosper and they will too. So find the right reason to start your business or the right reason currently driving your business. It’s not always about money, but about the difference you can make in the lives of others.




Ronne B

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