Wanting something and doing it are two totally different things. You can want to change your life and achieve your goals but nothing will happen until you commit to it and take some action. Yes making a change can be difficult but if you never take initiative to make the change, you will always be in the same place you are now. No matter how many years pass by. Here are a few steps to get the ball rolling on your road to excellence:

Formulate a goal

Decide exactly what you want. Whether it’s making a certain amount of money, achieve a certain status in your life, or whatever it might be, just establish what you aim to achieve

List all commitments

Make a list of all the projects you have on your plate, so that you know exactly what you are doing.

Decide the priority of those commitments

Making the list is the first step to seeing how much available time you have. Rather than allowing the list to just sit there, you also need to prioritize each commitment. Which ones need to be done first, in order to reach your five-year goals? Which ones can be done in the next three months? Which ones cannot be delayed?

Decide what to cut

If you have too many projects, you won’t be able to do justice to any of them. Or you will concentrate on one or two and the others will go by the wayside. If you can’t do all the projects at the same time, you need to decide, according to your list, which projects you will temporarily drop in order to achieve something with a higher priority.

Figure out what you need to do to achieve your goal

There’s no point in starting a project without knowing what steps are required to complete it. For every goal you need to work out what you need to do, and in what order.

Decide how you are going to spend your time in order to achieve your goal

Making lists and prioritizing them won’t get the jobs done. You actually have to do them. The only way to do them, apart from listing them in the first place, is to schedule them.

Enlist help

Tell other people what your goals are, and ask for their help. Join an online goal-setting club, or post your intentions on your blog. Hire a coach. Invite friends to create their own action schedules, and create a mastermind group to support everyone.

Do it!

So the goals have been made now you just have to actually do it. There’s no point in making all these lists and schedules if action does not happen. You can schedule by month, by week, by day. It doesn’t matter because it depends on what works best for you. The important thing is that you dedicate yourself to your goals and achieve them come hell or high water.



Ronne B

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