How do you know if someone is holding you back or if you are outgrowing a current relationship? It’s simple really, but we tend to look past the obvious signs because we care about the people closest to us. What we have to do for the sake of our future and success is accept the fact that some people unintentionally hold us back.

There are people who we share relationships with that are completely comfortable doing the same thing everyday and making the same wages everyday and dreaming the same dreams. Then there are people like you and me: entrepreneurs, go-getters, etc. who want to make a better life for themselves and their family. People like us who are constantly striving to do better and be better and won’t let anything stand it our way. Except those certain relationships we find hard to let go of.

As I stated in my last blog, it can be hard to accept the fact that your lifetime best friend from kindergarten or your favorite cousin are actually holding back your success. It can be difficult to cut the ties and find a way to move forward because you want what’s best for them. But at the same time you have to ask yourself whether or not they want what’s best for you in return? They could inadvertently be keeping you from pursuing their dreams just because they are too worried about where they will be without you. The simple fact is they are never going to change if you don’t.

Sometimes tough love is the best thing for people. If you move on from a relationship that is holding you back, you might be doing more than just helping yourself. Removing yourself from the relationship might open the eyes of the other person and give them the “slap in the face” they really needed to wake up and see what their future really holds. It could be the motivation they needed to get in gear and pursue their own dreams.

Either way, it is important to recognize when your relationships are healthy and unhealthy because your future is depending on it!



Ronne B

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