Let’s be real. Do we all really have it all under control? Getting the kids out the door to school on time, meetings, doctor and dentist appointments, work and more; it is hard to keep up. As a busy Mom I’m so excited to announce the launch of my GirlCeo™ planner which is my first official lifestyle product! I’ve been working on this for a while and it’s finally here! I created this planner to help women everywhere stay inspired and #Organized! It was designed for Independent Women!

As women, we have a lot of responsibilities each and every day. We balance work lives, our children, appointments, holidays and events, and our personal goals—we even try to find time to hit the gym and make healthy choices. But managing all of that without a planner can be a challenge; especially if that planner doesn’t have everything you need.

That’s why I created the Girl CEO Professional Daily Planner 2017 – 2018 made especially for women who want to stay ahead of budgets, family needs, and their own life-changing affirmations. Hope it changes your life as much as it has changed mine! Available on my website at RonneB.com or at ImAGirlCeo.com

Where are all my #GirlCeo ‘s ???

Ronne B.

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