Branding yourself or your business can be a long process BUT it is an absolute must. You don’t want people to only know that you sell this or provide this service, you want them to know that YOU are the one that provides it and they don’t want to use anyone else. Here are a few tips to help you build your brand faster:

Focus on Customer Service

The foundation of any great business is its customer service department. Your customer service is the front line of service for your business. For this reason, it’s important to be extremely personable and knowledgeable. It’s important that you bend over backward to make your customers feel special.
Outstanding customer service causes people to talk about companies, so one great experience could impact your business for the next few years.

Take Advantage of Your Online Presence

While this wasn’t the case a little more than a decade ago, it’s absolutely necessary to have an online presence. As quickly as you can, snag your brand’s Facebook address, Twitter account, and website URL. Setting up a Facebook and Twitter account is fairly simple and straightforward, but websites can be a bit more difficult. Use a template through WordPress and set your URL to redirect to your WordPress site.
The social media outlets will also serve as free advertising. Both social media outlets use hashtags to talk about topics, so regardless of if people know of your company or not, if they’re talking about and searching for something similar, they’ll stumble upon your brand.

Advertise Your Brand with Promotional Materials

A big part of building your brand is advertising, and promotional materials are the perfect way to go about that. Get pens and custom pencils that have your company’s name on them. When the pen is inevitably left somewhere, the person that gets it next will be aware of your brand.

Follow Up and Be Persistent in Marketing 

When building a brand, it’s extremely important to be persistent with it. Established brands didn’t become that way through a few advertisements. Through marketing persistence, you’re going to want that brand anywhere and everywhere that makes sense. The moment you let up is the moment that your brand starts to fail. Follow up and display customer feedback that falls in line with your company’s values. This encourages others to spend money with your company, which potentially creates loyal customers.

Be Resourceful

The most effective methods might be right under your nose! Look at your current employees if you have any. Ask them what they enjoy doing outside of work. Some could be audio and video editors, some could be web designers, or any number of other things. Seek their help in creating unique marketing materials that could strengthen your brand. Use free sites such as YouTube to upload content and share it with the world. There’s no concrete way to make your brand have a positive image, but by utilizing some of these tips, hopefully you’ll be able to create a strong, persistent, overwhelmingly positive image for you and your brand.


Ronne B

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