Stress: as much as we try, sometimes we just can’t avoid it. Especially when you own your own business and are pursuing a life of entrepreneurship. There is always something to be done and you’re always the one who is going to be held accountable. The best option is to realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day and take the necessary measures to “de-stress” your life. Here are a few I personally like for overcoming stress:

Figure out where the majority of your stress is coming from. Whether it’s finding enough time to spend with family, getting behind on household chores, or planning an event that you have coming up; you need to determine the root of your stress. A lot of my stress comes from feeling like I don’t have enough hours in a day to get things done. I feel like I am always behind even if I’m not. I try to single out a couple tasks that seem more stressful each day, and tackle those so I can have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Have a schedule. It’s very important for your time management to create a schedule. I used to try and run my life without a schedule and I soon discovered that I could get so much more done if I would take the extra time to plan my days ahead of time. This has been a HUGE help for me. I never have to worry about missing a meeting or forgetting to call someone back.

With scheduling on the brain, it is very important to schedule time for yourself. Whether it’s a massage, or quality time with your family. It is very important to schedule time for you to enjoy yourself. This will help with stress relief immensely. When you schedule “you time” you can rest assured that nothing is being forgotten or missed and you can actually clear your mind of everything business related. This has been my favorite part of planning my days ahead.

Allow your workday to end. As an entrepreneur I completely understand the difficulty in allowing your workday to end, but it has to. You cannot physically work yourself all day everyday. Make yourself stop working each day at a certain time. Having your days planned out with make this step much easier. But when the time comes each day that you have chosen to “end” business, turn off your phone, shut off your computer, and just unwind with your family. Dedicating yourself to this each day will allow you to conquer stress much easier.

Exercise! I know you think finding time to exercise is probably last on your list because you have so much more to do, but it has been proven that exercising regularly can reduce stress. Just find a time that works best for you and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be for hours on end. Schedule an hour to exercise and clean up and go on with your day. Many people start their day out with a good workout because it clears your head and “prepares” you for your tasks ahead.

Don’t let stress take over your life. Tackle it head on and get control over your life and business. The quicker you allow yourself to adapt to the changes that come with “de-stressing” the quicker you will realize how much it will help you succeed.



Ronne B

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