Not many people realize the power a team holds. I have known many people who feel like working alone is the only way to reach success because they don’t believe in sharing. Well what I’ve come to realize is you don’t have to share when you work with the right team. Everyone pulls their own weight and earns what they deserve. A team is more along the lines of a big support system all working towards the same goal.

I am very fortunate to have a team that understands this and we all work together seamlessly. We are all working toward the same goal and we thrive off of either other’s successes. We know that our hard work benefits everyone on the team so we continue to give it our best.

When you have people on a team that all understand the importance of working together, you don’t have to worry about “managing” someone. Everyone knows their job and when they do it, they do it well. This helps to manage time better so more work can get done. The focus can stay on the task at hand rather than on managing the team.

One way that I have found to keep a team focused and productive is to always acknowledge the hard work that is being put forth. Don’t let even the smallest accomplishments go unnoticed. When you recognize your team for their hard work, it will make them want to work even harder. If they know that their work is improving things and helping everyone reach their goals, then they will want to continue to work towards that goal and put in more effort.

Being on a team is so much fun. You get to share the accomplishments with everyone on the team and that’s something you couldn’t do if you were doing it alone. How fun would it be to throw a party just for yourself after reaching a goal? Not very fun, but if you had a team to share in the excitement with, you can all celebrate and all benefit from what you ALL just accomplished.

Sometimes teamwork is hard to figure out but if everyone is on the same page and wants the same things, it can be so much more powerful than working alone. You just have to find the right people to work with.


Ronne B

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