Giving does not necessarily mean giving out money or material items. People can give their thoughts, opinions, or any other non-material item. It can still benefit someone greatly. That does not give you an excuse to not give material items if that is what you wish. What I am saying, you can receive fulfillment from many types of giving.

Even without any material gift to offer, sharing your ideas can have immense personal benefits. Ideas can transform others greatly. Many great things that have been achieved in the world stemmed from simple ideas. The benefit of sharing your ideas is that the effect will somehow boomerang back to you. By listening to your own ideas you share with others, you may eventually be motivated to put them in practice yourself with wonderful results. You will be unlocking your own potential of self-fulfilment. And this is how selfless giving works.

By giving out what you have without expecting anything in return, you start living a meaningful life. You get to realize your true calling in a life and world full of challenges. If you find meaning in the lives of those in need and do something about it. You will also find meaning in your own life. You find yourself in better health and peace and you achieve more happiness. That is the magic of selfless giving.

There are many positives to giving but the one that stands out most to me is finding your true calling. I believe when you are truly working to benefit and help others; you will eventually discover what you are meant to do in life. This is when you will profit most and be most successful. Giving selflessly will lead you to your greatest successes and passions.


Ronne B

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