Giving back is something that is near and dear to my heart. I truly believe that one person can change the world so it has been my mission to change the lives of women who have a similar story to myself. I was a teen mom and many people told me I would never reach the dreams I had. I was determined to prove them wrong, and I did. I want to help every woman who has a dream and show them that it is possible!! Here are a few reasons why giving back can help your business and help you reach more people with your mission:

1. Connect with the community.

This past Saturday I hosted an event for my Girl CEO’s called Girl CEO In The City. This allowed all women entrepreneurs to get together, share their stories, network, and build relationships with like minded women who were out to pursue the same thing, success. Connecting with these women is something I am so passionate about. I have been working over the last few years to get my organization together that focuses on helping women reach their goals and find mentors to encourage their success and I thought there was no better place to focus on than right here in my community. 

2. Build your social media following.

We all know that social media is a crucial part of building anything in this day and age. When you give back you can build your social media following, and the cause you’re working with. It’s a win-win relationship for all. They’re accessing a new audience and you’re accessing a new audience. Always highlight what you’re doing because while it’s helpful for you it’s also helpful for the cause you’re supporting.

3. Increasing exposure and advancing your career.

By giving back and telling your story of “why” you give back, it opens you up to the people in a different way. As an entrepreneur it can be easy to get in the mindset of business, business, business which results in forgetting to let people see the real you. By letting your followers in to know the real you, and showing them your passions it will help them understand why they follow you in the first place. 

4. Be a well-rounded citizen.

The most important reason to give back, in my opinion, is that it makes you a well-rounded citizen. For me, I believe I have a civic duty. I believe that it’s my duty to pay it forward and to help those less fortunate. It gives me motivation in both my personal life and my business life. 

I think about where I would be if someone had reached out to me and encouraged me to keep going when everyone else told me I couldn’t. I would have probably been able to help more people sooner. So that is my main reason for giving back, I want to help and I want to change lives. 


Ronne B

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