I recently read an article about peace of mind and I found it very interesting. I never realized how vital it is to be at peace with yourself. There were several aspects that they felt were important in establishing the perfect mental status for peace of mind which leads to happiness and success. I wanted to share just a few with you. I feel like these stood out to me as the most important things that I personally needed to do to establish peace of mind:

1. Self-understanding

Some people know from their early childhood what they want to do and do practically everything to achieve it. Some people need a longer time to figure out what their purpose in life is. I am often shocked about the extent to which people lack understanding about how their own mind functions, which ‘laws’ govern their day-to-day lives. You don’t have to study psychology for that – study yourself instead! The most successful people we know and the greatest thinkers of all time never stopped studying themselves and others.

2. Worthy goals

You need to have some sort of purpose that challenges you to get the best out of yourself, that you consider worthy of you and, ideally, that others consider worthy. Many, in the search for their purpose in life, look for something that can last a lifetime. But that is not so important. It is important that it feels real right now. Who knows what I’ll be doing in 10 years? What helps enormously to determine your worthy goals, is a better understanding of yourself.

3. Health and energy

We need to be in good health. Stress is one of the main causes of physical illness, so we need to avoid that as much as possible. But this also works the other way! Physical illness causes stress. It takes away our security, especially when a disease is life-threatening. When you are in a good physical state, you also feel better mentally, which then makes it easier to develop mentally, to get deeper understanding of yourself and in case you didn’t find it yet, to find your worthy goals.

4. Relationships

We need to have the capability to engage into long-term, quality relationships, in the many different forms they exist in. From a basic, natural instinct, we know that relationships with people help us to acquire resources. Without resources, no health and energy and so on. The need for relationships also directly relates to our physical needs, and our instinctive desire to multiply ourselves. Relationships also give us the ability to reflect upon ourselves through the experiences of others. After all, the people around you often know you a lot better than you think, and in many ways better than you know yourself, even! As such, they contribute to our self-understanding

If you want to experience success and happiness, try to focus on which aspects you can improve. The impact of your solution will be much greater, and will be a huge contribution to your peace of mind, and ultimately success and happiness!


Ronne B

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