Do you have a little black book full of contacts that just seem to be taking up space? Have you ever considered that this “little black book” could be FULL of opportunities? If you’re like me, you have hundreds of numbers and email addresses that have been collected over the years that you have more or less forgotten about.

Well, pull out that black book and use it to your advantage!! Your book is no longer a storage place for your array of contacts. It is now your newly discovered network of potential business partners or clients. Just think about all of the people who are in that network.

My list dates all the way back to high school!! Sure some people might have different numbers or email addresses but that is the beauty of modern technology. If their number has changed, you can always look them up on a social media network.

I also like to put all of my “no’s” in my contact list. Just because they told you no at one point does not mean they will always say no. Sometimes the timing just isn’t right for certain people.

The importance of keeping in contact with the people in your little black book is to continue to build relationships with people. Contacting them on a regular basis shows that you aren’t just trying to promote your business but you want to establish a healthy relationship with them, and it earns their trust.

Another great perk of keeping in contact with your network is that they might have an opportunity in which you would be interested. It doesn’t have to be a business opportunity; it could be products or services that you might be interested in.

Remember, each person in your network also has a network so this could be very useful when the time comes. It could be something as small as a great place to eat while you’re vacationing, or as useful as a reference to someone with the best legal advice.

Your opportunities are endless when it comes to your black book, so I suggest using it more often. You will reap the benefits sooner than later.



Ronne B

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