If you are a network marketer or own a business that works somewhat off of the internet, do you ever consider the importance of building your lists? If you think about it this is one of the easiest and greatest things you can do for your business. There are so many benefits to building a list for your business; one of which is always having a potential clientele.

As I’m sure you have noticed, a lot of people who you share your business with just aren’t ready or they don’t have the financial means to purchase your product at the moment. Well, having a list with your potentials names and email addresses will allow you to periodically contact them and hopefully hit them when the time is right. Usually if someone has shown interest in your product or service, they will at one point want to try it out, the key is to find that perfect window of opportunity and jump on it.

When you build your list through your website this allows you to drive more traffic to your website as well. You gradually build your list of people to email or call and your website is becoming more popular at the same time. When you convince someone to subscribe to your site, chances are that they really like your site and its content. Sending them a regular newsletter reminds them that your site is there. They receive an email, listing your new content, and they come back to explore something that piques their interest.

If someone agrees to be put on your lists to be contacted, this means they are interested in someway. The likelihood of a stranger wanting to do business with you is slim but if they agree to be on an emailing list, they might eventually pose more interest than just curiosity. Your list should be used to build trust with your potential clients. When this happens, you will see more return.

Having a good healthy list is another way to notify your people of new products that you come out with and also offer them incentives. People love incentives and the majority of the time if someone is curious about a product or service, their decision will be swayed with an incentive. This is a great opportunity to acquire a loyal customer.

List building should be a huge priority for your business and if you haven’t started one, I suggest you make that a number one task for yourself today. Share your thoughts and list building successes in the comments!! I love to read them!!


Ronne B

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