The best thing about a coach or mentor is that they keep you accountable to your vision. Often as a small business owner you can get caught working in your business and not spending enough time working on it and moving toward your business goals. Having weekly or even fortnightly meetings with a coach, forces you to take a few hours out to specifically think about your business and where it’s heading. Although taking this time out is extremely important, small business owners often say they are too busy and don’t prioritize it. This is where coaches keep you accountable and regularly challenge you on your progress.

Having a mentor/business coach is probably one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.  When I first started my current business, I was excited and ready to succeed, but what really helped me and encouraged me were the current leaders in the business. They held me accountable for my business and kept my mind on the right track. It didn’t take me long to realize how I needed to run my business, so things quickly progressed. Once I knew that things were heading in the right direction, I made sure to be an excellent leader and mentor for the people who were choosing to partner with me. I got more joy out of seeing my team succeed than I did seeing myself succeed.

I have also found that having a coach can stop you from learning the hard way and making big mistakes. I make sure to share my high and low points with my team because no one is perfect and mistakes are made, but I believe that if I share the mistakes with them, they will potentially avoid making the same ones. I truly believe that the key to building a strong business is to be a great leader/mentor so that the people you work with will become great leaders/mentors and so on.


Ronne B

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