Have you ever heard the phrase; “The fortune is in the follow up”? Well that phrase is popular for a reason. Following up with your potential customers is a must when you have your own business. People aren’t going to beat down your door to try your products and they aren’t going to research your business. You have to provide all of that information for them.

You will find people who just aren’t interested in what you are selling or providing, that is a given. But there are people who will eventually be interested in what you have to offer; you just have to catch them at the right time. Following up with help with this.

There are many different ways to follow up with people. Email, text, phone call, social media contact, etc. My favorite way to follow up with a prospect is by telephone. I think this is more personal than any other form of communication. I think people appreciate that you take the time to dial their number and actually speak with them. This can allow for a conversation to be started and a relationship to be built. That is what turns a follow up into a new customer.

I know from personal experience how busy life can be when you own your own business and sometimes you forget to follow up with people. Although I admit that I have too forgotten, I try to make a point to schedule time each week to follow up with my potential clients. Once you create a habit of doing this, it will be easier to block off time and it will just become a regular routine.

Try not to be too pushy when following up with people. Make it quick and polite. If they choose to continue the conversation, by all means take that opportunity to build the relationship for a future follow up if they still say no, but do not try to keep them on the phone if they are clearly not interested. You don’t want to come off as the pushy business owner who seems desperate.

Overall, if a business owner takes the time to follow up with every potential customer they meet, they will see repeat business more often. People appreciate the thoughtfulness they like feeling important. Schedule time to follow up and I guarantee you will see a better turn around in your business.


Ronne B

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