Your network isn’t about the people that you know, but it’s about the people that know you.  Think of it like Twitter, or any social media site. You can follow as many people as you want, but what really matters is how many people are following you and looking at what you have to say.

Your network is your most important marketing tool. Of course regular advertisements like emails, status updates or special offers are great ways to earn new clients and keep current ones, BUT your network is something you can focus on offline and they can market for you. Gaining personal relationships with people enables you and your business to rise above the rest, and stand out.

Gaining trust is the most important aspect of your network. Everyone in your network trusts you and what you know. They believe in you and your business and they are your walking advertisements. They will spread word about your business to people they think will be interested and this will earn you new clients. This is the easiest, most effective and efficient way of growing your business and creating a lasting name for yourself.

Always jump on new opportunities to meet new people. The more events and organizations you become a part of, the larger your network will be. Keep in mind the importance of your network because you never know when they will bring new opportunities to the table.


Ronne B

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