The people closest to you will determine the level of your success. This is why leaders must be intentional about having the right inner circle of people around them. I have found some essential elements to consider when it comes to who should be in a leader’s inner circle. They include:

-People you trust and respect.

-People who have character and integrity, they live by their beliefs, values and convictions.

-People who have a variety of skills, talents, and personalities.

-People who already have influence with others.

-People who are willing to take the journey with you, through the good and bad times.

-People who are competent and have a proven track record of success and achievement.

-People who add value to the organization and are team players.

-People who are driven and passionate about the purpose, vision, and goals of the organization or team.

Here are two practical ways to build and have a strong inner circle:

1. Connect and build relationships- Having an inner circle of people requires that you have been cautious in building and having relationships. This is because your inner circle will come from the relationships you have already developed. Build relationships with others and over time you will see the people who should be in your inner circle.

2. Be strategic- Leaders are around people the majority of the time. Though our time is spent around others, it’s critical that you are careful and wise about the people who are closest to you. Being strategic about your inner circle means you take your time to determine who and how many people will be in your personal circle. A strong inner circle has a realistic number of people. Choose these people carefully.

Ronne B

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