Teams need balance. Your team and mine need people who represent different ideas, experience, temperaments and strengths.


Some reasons:

Balance brings diversity. Having people with differing strengths, backgrounds and ideas brings a natural diversity.

Diversity brings multiple opinions that enrich discussion if the leader is open and patient.

Multiple opinions and discussion lead to quality decisions. Too often leaders want quick decisions or don’t have the patience to allow good discussions that lead to quality decisions. Quality decisions come out of patience and a desire to hear all sides of the issue. Too often the size of the agenda or the meeting’s timeframe dictates the outcome rather than the strength of balanced discussion and quality decisions.

As you assemble your team or prepare meetings remember the importance of balance. Try to hear from everyone’s perspective and drive hard for quality decisions over rapidly ticking off the agenda items.

In my business I always allow for open discussion about what would benefit the team as a whole. We share different ideas, and help each other when we hit a rough patch. I have discussion groups where members of my team can get together and ask questions regarding a certain matter and we all can share our input. Having an open mind about someone else’s ideas will get your further, because you never know when they will come up with a way to do something better than you. With my team, if one person succeeds, we all succeed. That is why teamwork makes the dream work!!!



Ronne B

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