Friendship: something everyone has in common. But do we know the true value of friendship? What type of person do you consider to be a true friend? I have learned over the years that true friendship is found few and far between. Friends are not something to accumulate. It’s not how many friends you have that is important, it is the quality of your friends that matters. Just one true friend is an invaluable gift.  Dozens of friends that you can’t rely on are of little comfort when facing challenging circumstances. 

There’s a big difference between acquaintances and true friends.  You can know many people, but only a few will qualify as true friends.  It takes little effort to be with you when times are good and you are happy.  However, if you look around when times are tough, you will see that your true friends are still by your side.

A true friend is an irreplaceable gift. Life is filled with challenges and they will stick by you through all of them. They have a knack for knowing what you need without your having to ask.  A true friend is supportive without being judgmental.

A true friend accepts you for who you are. They appreciate your good points and overlook your flaws. They don’t try to change you. They won’t impose their own beliefs on you.

A true friend will not always agree with you. They are honest with you, having no problem speaking their mind. At times, they will tell you things you don’t like. But true friends are never malicious. They always have your best interests in mind.

A true friend will not abandon you even if you treat them poorly. They overlook your shortcomings and appreciate your strengths. They are patient with you even when you are impatient with them.

Remember, don’t take your true friends for granted. A friendship requires input and energy from both people. It’s all too easy to take someone for granted who is always there for you.  As solid as your true friend may be, they still have feelings and sensitivities. You have to treat your true friends with as much consideration and concern as they show for you. Give your true friend a shout by tagging them in the comments! 


Ronne B

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