Being able to give a gift, is something so much more joyous than receiving one. There’s nothing that I love more than seeing the excitement in someone’s face when they receive something that I got them. And it doesn’t always have to be a materialistic item, you can give someone something that has no tangible value and it mean just as much. And at a time of year when giving can sometimes feel more like an obligation and a burden than the privilege it really is, how can we become the cheerful givers God intended us to be? The first step is to look for opportunities to give more and to give better. Feeling follows action, not the other way around. Here are a few thoughts to get started this Christmas.


Gift giving is much more than an obligation. It is an opportunity to love somebody else. Since we all have our own love languages, to really show love to another person takes a lot more effort than simply grabbing the first thing you see at the store that fits into your budget. In your quest to find that perfect gift, remember that it takes time to know what a person truly needs and don’t forget that you cant buy someones love, so don’t bother trying. It doesn’t matter the cost of the item, what makes it meaningful is the time and thought that it took to find the perfect gift. 


Like I said before, not all gifts have to be tangible. Here are a few ideas:

  • The gift of yourself. This could be a special project, a service, time spent together, or something homemade. Specific ideas could include free babysitting, a massage, or a batch of their favorite cookies.
  • The gift of experience. Do activities together, take a small trip somewhere. Make memories and be in the moment.
  • The gift of charity. Make a donation in someone else’s name. Go volunteer at a shelter. Pass out blankets to people on the streets who don’t have a place to go for Christmas. 


Help your children understand that Christmas isn’t about getting gifts and Santa. It’s about honoring the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Get them in the spirit of giving. Start a new tradition where they choose a charity to donate to or pick an organization to volunteer for during the Holiday Season. Show them how rewarding and humbling giving can truly be. 

Ronne B

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