When I first started my business I was looking to make some extra money to put back for bills and savings. I never imagined it would lead me to do the things I am doing today. My business literally opened doors for me that I had never even known were there. For example, as my business succeeded, I noticed more and more people were following my story and being inspired by it. This showed me that my true purpose was to lead others toward their success goals as well.

As I said before, the more successful I became, the more people want to ask me questions about how I got where I was. It was a wonderful feelings knowing that people who are looking toward the same goals as you are inspired by the work you do. I started by helping the people closest to me in my business and slowly branched further out as by business continued to grow.

As I watched the people I was in business with become more and more successful, it drove me to work harder and push myself further than before. It was like I now had a whole team that was counting on me to continue to succeed and it motivated me more than I ever thought possible. Seeing my fellow business partners succeed gave me for fulfillment than when my business was succeeding at the rate it did.

The most humbling part about becoming a leader and sharing my success goals with people is getting to see their lives change right before my eyes. I have witnessed struggling single moms change their financial status in less than a year just because they believed in themselves as much as I believed in them.

Anyone can make a difference in someone’s life, if you just share your story and pour into people. The satisfaction that you get by helping others is greater than when you succeed yourself. Remember, success is not all about you. And success is not all about money, it can be about changing someone life for the better.


Ronne B

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