Everyone has a past. You can’t control that, but what you can control is your future. You have the ability to make your outcome different, and to leave a legacy for your family.

I’m sure some of you reading this know my story. I got pregnant as a teenager and brought a child into this world not knowing the first thing about being a parent.  I knew I was going to struggle, and I knew that odds were against me. But I was still given a choice; a choice to work hard and make a better life for my baby, and myself, or give up and let myself fall victim to this cruel world. Well here’s what I chose to do:

I decided I HAD to finish school and I had to find a job to help support my baby. I didn’t care what kind of job I had; I just needed a source of income. I worked at Georgetown University Hospital as a janitor at one point. I cleaned toilets and made beds to support my family. Let me tell you, I didn’t like it but I knew I had to do it. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I refused to give up; I kept going and kept looking for ways to better my life and my child’s life. Any new opportunity that would arise, I would go after it. I never let my past hold me back or bring me down. I let it drive me, and motivate me to do better and be a better person. I never settled for anything because I knew that there was a better life waiting for me. I just had to work my butt of to get there.

Your past is what makes you who you are today, so don’t forget about it, just let it be the fuel to your fire. Learn from your mistakes and recreate your future.  Be proud of what you have accomplished to get where you are today. My old job of scrubbing toilets and making beds will always be there, but thankfully I don’t have to be and neither do you.



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