This post is for all the women out there who have struggled, are struggling, or will struggle in the future, so basically, every woman on the planet. Being a woman can be HARD, especially when you have a vision and a dream to pursue your passion all while taking care of the kids, your home, keeping a relationship with your partner, working, and who knows what else. We have a huge responsibility and sometimes, we need a break or we need somewhere to turn to to ask for advice on how to get to the next step. This is why I want to share with you some of MY main reasons for starting the Girl CEO Society and why I think you would benefit from it:

We Keep It Real

I was so tired of the endless inspirational speeches that led you to believe that you could get rich over night, or the book that would get you rich if you followed “these 10 steps” for $49.99. None of that was real to me and I knew people were falling for it because, well, it’s easy to. I wanted to keep it real, and by real I mean, the good the bad and the ugly. Because that is what success is all about. Its about failure, bad decisions, and screw ups, but LEARNING from them. This is what we discuss in the Girl CEO Society, we talk about how we have failed, and overcome those failures and what we would have changed along the way. 

We Get Personal

The Girl CEO Society was started so I could share my personal story with other women who would want to share theirs with me. It’s about learning from each other and empowering each other. I truly believe in the phrase “Powerful Women, Empower Women,” and this is what I am aiming to do with the society. It doesn’t have to be all about business either, I want to share all the different variables in our lives like: kids, school, negative surroundings, bad boyfriends, etc. 

You WILL Learn Something

This isn’t just a “do this and you will change your business.” This is an entire process designed to focus on the Personal Aspect of your business, your Business Development, your Business Growth, and how to put it all in play with the Exit Strategy. We talk about your mindset, who you surround yourself with, your personal finances, how to create a business plan, networking, sales, business health and expansion and so much more. 

I am constantly looking for more ways to help women achieve their goals and the only way to do that is by learning other success stories from YOU and what you did different. Everyone has a story to share and if you want to help empower other women, then this is the society for you. Join me in the movement by going to and getting your membership today!! 

Ronne B

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