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I have had the honor of watching Ronnessa Brown grow in her business for the past few years. She definitely exemplifies ‘integrity, character and ethics’ and she has a passion for helping others. As an author, minister and motivational speaker, I did not understand my own worth and I gave away a lot of my time and for free. Ronnessa taught me that my services are valuable and she helped me to increase my income. She has negotiated my speaking contracts and she has locked down some important speaking engagements for me. Ronnessa has also helped me to launch my health and wellness business that has grown by leaps and bounds with her coaching! All of these things are awesome, but what stands out even more about Ronnessa is her heart to help people to grow and create their own success story!

 ~ Jennifer Tyler,
 Jennifer Lucy Inspires
I have been learning about entrepreneurship from Ronnessa Brown since I first met her in 2008 when she’d started her own business. Not only from working with her, but also from observing her entrepreneurial skills, I have been able to progress in my own business. She has shown me how to be innovative, how to step out of my comfort box, how to speak up for what I want and how to think like a real businesswoman. Ronnessa has shown me how to make money work for me and she’s shown me that by making the necessary sacrifices, you can live the life you’ve always dreamt of having!

~ Markeeta Young
When I met Ronnessa Brown, I could see she was someone to pay attention to!  I was introduced to her entrepreneurial spirit and found her to be very kind and relatable. She was my first example of a woman my own age that aggressively went after what she wanted! Through her development, I learned to have a ‘victor’s way of thinking!’ She’s given me the tools and the coaching that had been foreign to me. In the past year, my communication skills have improved, my network has grown and even my friendships have gotten stronger! I am happy that I now also have such a positive, down to earth and ‘wise beyond her years’ friend in Ronnessa Brown. Meeting her was a blessing and I credit her, along with other inspirations, for allowing me to become a blessing to others!

~ Terri Motley


Ronne has been nothing but a blessing, wonderful sister and friend! There was never a time when she was too busy to talk. She’s always willing to talk about business ideas or new ways to make additional income.   She’s always willing to share and help people. Ronne is nothing but motivating and uplifting! I’m a single mom of four and Ronne has brought me into several business ventures, helping to promote and market my business, while allowing me to do what I love! I receive a lot of my clientele thanks to Ronne, who is a very inspiring, intelligent, supportive and courageous woman. I have watched her pave the way for many young women such as myself, always giving 100% in all she does and never quitting. I admire her strength and Ronne shows me that no matter how hard life gets, we can overcome any obstacle!

~ Shemeika Brown

In 2012, as the new business owner of Lela Belles Studio of Dance, I found Ronne Brown to be very influential to the success of my company. Not knowing where to start, how to get my business off the ground, or even how to market myself, I was very frantic and nervous. Ronne assisted me with everything from marketing materials to party ideas to even making my first set of business cards; and then, she got me my first client! Her expertise, dedication and desire to help me achieve my goals have paved the way for my business to be successful. Now, just one year later, I have a successful dance company that provides exceptional dance classes and birthday parties for children and adults. I have had the joy of doing over 60 birthday parties in the past year and enrolling over 40 children in my first dance program. As Ronne stated, “We’re not finished yet! I have much for in store for Lela Belles! We are taking your business to the next level!” With that said, I am eager and excited for what is to come, thanks to Ronne Brown!

~ Lela Wilhite

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