Hey Girl,

I’m talking to the Woman who has had it a little rough this last year.  At our home for Thanksgiving, we gather around the table with family and friends, and together we reflect on the year behind us, then we share what we’re hoping for in the year ahead of us. Though I am thankful for many things, what I am most grateful for is my transformation into freedom.

The last year, I had no idea what was in-store for me. However I know it has brought me to a deeper level of intimacy with God. A year where He showed me who I really am, what I’m made of and why He has called me for such a time as this.

No longer did I need to fight to believe that I am enough, qualified and deeply loved by him. My soul now knows it at its core. When you know without a doubt who you are and whose you are, you will begin walking in freedom.

I share this to help you see what is possible for you, your life and your heart.

As women, a Girl CEO on a mission, we tend to have a never-ending list of desired outcomes for ourselves. Those are great but can also be limiting when you’re not operating from a place of freedom.

There’s more for you than what you can imagine. There is freedom like you have never experienced before. With freedom comes strength to walk through the valleys of life, an overflow of peace that surpasses understanding, and an embrace of unwavering confidence as you tackle any situation.

Just, imagine looking to the future with confidence, not allowing fear to grip you or shame to stop you. How would that impact the way you approach your work, serve your family and love others?

As you prepare for a new week ahead, I want to challenge you to open up your heart. Take a risk and as you share what you’re thankful for remember, in the same breath whether it’s soft or loud, to declare your deepest desires for the year ahead! Don’t forget to grab your Girl CEO Apparel at https://imagirlceo.com/collections/apparel

Chat with you soon?


Ronne B



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