Success: what does it mean to you? How do you achieve it? How do you maintain it? I’m sure you ask yourself these questions regularly and I can’t say that there is a definite answer for them but I have my idea of what has worked for me.

I believe in working hard and trial and error. You will very rarely pursue a “dream” and achieve it the first time around. I had to try and try again until I found the perfect match for me to achieve the success I have today.

I honestly think that your surrounding have a huge effect on your success. I have blogged about this topic before, but I can’t stress enough how your surrounding and environment has such a huge impact on your success.

Think about it: if negative people and negative actions constantly surround you, you will mimic them. Not intentionally, but it is natural to become like your surroundings to adapt. Here is where I found what helped me succeed and stay motivated along my journey.

I began to surround myself with positive people, positive quotes, and positive motivation. Not just a general positive atmosphere, I had to visually see it. I have quotes in my office that are inspiring to me, and I have clothes with inspirational messages on them to remind me just how far I’ve come. I have literally used positive motivation everywhere in my life to remind myself that I CAN achieve my dreams.

If you follow me on social media you will probably notice a lot of the t-shirts I wear have positive affirmations on them and they are great motivators for aspiring entrepreneurs. My favorite is one that says, “My Past + Their Gossip = My Testimony.” This shirt really means a lot to me. Everyone has a past and everyone has an opportunity to change their future if they want to. I decided to change mine and achieve the dreams I had always envisioned.

You can achieve your dreams too if you just believe in yourself and work hard. Like I said before, you might have to try a few times before you figure out something that works for you, but the key is to never give up. Always surround yourself with positive vibes and you will see a difference in your future.


Ronne B

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